May 25, 2011

Avicii Broken Down

For everyone who is unfamiliar with the name Avicii, please read.

Tim Berg (Avicii) is a producer from Stockholm, Sweden. In 2008 he released his first solo "Man Man." He then went on to release a new and essential single called "Ryu." In 2010 he dropped the record breaking song "Bromance" as Tim Berg. Then shortly hooking up with Sebastien Drums on "My Feelings For You." Many of Avicii's listeners are familiar with the single which has had several name changes but officially titled "Levels." 

Why the hell does he change his name from song to song? He actually remixed a Tim Berg song as Avicii...Check It Out. If you took the time to watch the video you will realize the sick changes he made from the video embedded above, not only in the audio but in the video. Haha...Swedes.

Pete Tong from BBC Radio 1 released an essential mix from Avicii on December, 11 2010. For more essential mixes for sure check out Radio 1. A sick way to find new electro/house songs.

 Download: Avicii-Essential Mix (12-11-2010) [Pete Tong-BBC Radio 1]

Just a few more to check out, classic Avicii remixes.

Tiesto-Escape Me (Avicii Remix)

Tom Hangs-Blessed (feat. Shermanology) [Avicii Mix]

Toni Braxton-Make My Heart (Avicii Untitled Remix)

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