My name is Colin Clarke and i am proudly from Oakville, Ontario. I got into music early in my life and ever since then its all i have wanted to do. I started off with production equipment, mixing and matching sounds and samples but that never seemed to fit for me. It came to me one day that i didn't necessarily need to be the one making the music but i could very easily be the one promoting it, so thats where i ended up. My job now is to give my friends the newest, freshest music and hopefully i can extend that relationship to others. This is what I love, and this is all i really care about doing in my spare time. 

I want to give a huge bow to my man Jack Bonnici who shares the love of music. He will be my right hand man along the way, giving me ideas for the site and linking me with dope new tracks. For information about track and album releases and other material found on TBH contact Jack.


Colin Clarke OR does NOT own the rights to any of the songs posted. All songs are for promotional purposes only. They are simply posted for the enjoyment of others because the enjoyment of music is mistakenly getting lost. We wish to spread the talents of these artist all over to people who will in return, support these artists. does not tailor their posts toward one genre of music. This is a non-profit website and none of the songs are to be sold as our own, or sold at all. Upon downloading, songs should be deleted after 24 hours. Blog owners hold no responsibility for illegal usage of this content. We serve a single purpose to present the best music, on one easy to use website. Simple.

If you would like a song to be removed or have any other questions about TBH, contact Colin Clarke at