July 25, 2011

Kanye West & Jay-Z-Otis [Hip-Hop]

 Kanye West & Jay Z   Otis
Get ready for what these two are charging up! Kanye and Jay are working on a collaboration album which will be titled "Watch The Throne." The song is titled "Otis" after the american soul singer Otis Redding. I'm pumped to see whats coming next from the Jay-West collab.
Kanye West & Jay-Z-Otis


Not really going to say a lot about this one. All the songs are different in their own way, but they are all bangers. Give them all a listen. Oakville will thrive.
Rihanna-California King Bed (Bassjackers Club Mix)

David Morales & Jonathan Mendelsohn-You Just Don't Love Me (Club Mix)

Hyper Crush-Flip the Switch

Masters Of South-The Rain (MD Electro Vs. Vace Remix)

Paul Lizzi-Man Of The Hour (The SoniXx Remix)

Britney Spears-I Wanna Go (Disco Fries Extended Mix)

John Denver-Country Roads (Pretty Lights Remix): Country Dubstep [Dubstep]

When i first heard this song i was away with my dad on a trip. So as we were in our hotel, i was looking for new stuff and this one came on. My dad is a huge fan of classic rock, country, anything that consists of a guitar and vocals. So he was all of this one. I'm not sure how many of you know this, but John Denver was a country artist in the 70's, who unfortunately died in 1997. My dad was a fan. So i gave the song a play and it turned out to be pretty sick. First country dubstep i have ever heard and i am quite impressed. Enjoy.
John Denver-Country Roads (Pretty Lights Remix)

July 21, 2011

Griz-Better Than I've Ever Been: Steeeeeezy [Electronic]

I got this song before i went away for the past few days and i really wish i was able to post it earlier. Its all i listened too. I know nothing about this artist, not sure if hes big or not. But hopefully this style of music will pick up and develop into something big. It may take getting used to, i know, but once you get into it you'll thrive. Ill be on the look-out for more of this type of stuff.
Griz-Better Than I've Ever Been

July 20, 2011

Reid Speed-Cool Story Bro(Banger Mixt) [Dubstep]

Reid Speed, an up and coming female dubstep DJ who tours and preforms alongside Borgore recently produced a 43 song mixtape of her favourite bangers and put them together perfectly. I think its pretty sick that a girls are making these sick of beats and im looking forward to more. Enjoy

Reid Speed-Cool Story Bro(Banger Mix)

July 18, 2011

Bass Assault Ft. Dillon Francis, Calvertron, TBMA, Mimosa, xKore

Breakout Dubstep and Electro DJ and Producer Dillion Francis is back again with a brand new EP Called Ultra in a colab with Cory Enemy. The EP has 3 songs but the first Title track the real banger of the EP. After that I've got another Remix from rising Heavy Dubstep DJ Calvertron who is one of my favourite new dubstep artists producing some of the heaviest, filthiest songs I've heard. After that of course we have a list of Bangers so indulge and enjoy.

Dillon Francis & Cory Enemy-Ultra

FS & Reid Speed-Bass Monster (Calvertron Remix)

TBMA-Better Off Alone

Dirty Vegas-Days Go By(Mimosa Remix)


Mashup Monday

Ight so I'm starting it off with once again one of the sickest mashups I've ever heard. It's called Nasty Days by ARN:MIKL who I've never heard before but am definatley going to look in to. Secondly another banger from 5 & Dime who also made the banger mashup Skrillmau5. I threw in a couple chill ones and then another couple bangers so run your mouse down the list and enjoy.

ARN:MIKL-Nasty Days(Glitch Mob vs. Notorious BIG)

5 & A Dime- Womp Womp Womp
Kanye West Ft. Nas - We Major (Bittersweet White Lotus Mashup)

Wayloprd Garner-Fortune Is Coming Home (Diddy Dirty Money vs. F.O.O.L.)

Styles & Complete - The Blood Red Cinema (Skrillex vs Feed Me)

July 17, 2011


So, you may not be an OddFuture fan eh? Well then i have advice for you. Either skip this post and never look at it. Or, take a look, take time to check them out and give them a chance. I had too, believe me. I never liked these guys for the longest time, i thought they had nothing good to rap about. But i gave them a listen and payed attention to what they're saying and then i understood. For sure they're different, no doubt. But when you really pay attention to what they say you start to understand the rap and you learn more about them. That's personally why i like it so much, its just a personal thing. Needless to say, everyday they're getting bigger. Tyler is on some tracks with some bigger artists, Earl is almost free...and all the rest of them are at a crack house somewhere.
Anyways, take a look at this playlist we put together. Some will argue about the songs i put on, i know. But i based this list around the songs i listen to everyday. I also excluded the ones where Tyler is either yelling 90% of the time or just the bad ones. There's a few. Take a lesson though, see what these guys have to offer. I'm lovin it.

TBH Notables: OFWGKTA by thebangerhanger

Kaskade & Deadmau5-Move For Me (Fareoh's Ibiza Remix) [House]

I was SO happy to see this one. Once again, Kaskade is on with another huge name. This time being one of my favourites, Deadmau5. Now some will find this song boring and slow, those people are not fans of progressive house, or just the mau5 in general. This song is all Deadmau5. The feel, the sound, the synths put his name on this one and i love it. I love when it kicks to the house drop, its just sick. Take a look.
Kaskade & Deadmau5-Move For Me (Fareoh's Ibiza Remix)

James Egbert-Lady Luck: Sick Electro [Electro]

I came across James Egbert a few weeks ago when i was looking for new shit. I initially skipped over him because he was a name i didn't recognize so i put him off to the side. Yesterday night, i was looking for music again, this time a bit more careful with what i check out. I found this new track by James called "Lady Luck" which is a sick song. It reminds me of a Van O song or a DJ Kue song, no clue why. Also, while looking for music i found two other songs he's in. Ones a remix and ones an original. The two originals (Isle Of Capri and Lady Luck) sound somewhat similar to each other, much different than "Kaptain Kyle." I'm really liking this stuff so give it a look and don't make the same mistake i did.
James Egbert-Lady Luck

James Egbert-Isle Of Capri

Caramel Carmela-Kaptain Kyle (James Egbert Remix)

Sick Madeon Live (In Studio) Mash-Up

For our early viewers, you may remember one of the first Deadmau5 posts where i posted remixes to "Raise Your Weapon." One remix was done by 17 year old, Madeon who is a prodigy of Mau5. Along with picking up techniques and tricks from Deadmau5, he also seemed to pick up some equipment. Now i used to be all into the gear side of music, so it interests me that this young (17 year old) producer is using this controller. Deadmau5 uses a "one of a kind" 16x16 Monome trigger pad that was brought over to him from Monome in Germany. Madeon, as you can see is using a controller half the size, 8x8. It's just weird how such a young artist would have that advanced gear so early in the game. Damn. Anyways this is a really sick video check it out!

July 16, 2011

Pusha T-Trouble On My Mind (feat. Tyler, The Creator): Dope Rap [Hip-Hop]

In TTC's quest to make it to the top, he's found himself on tracks with some of the best in his league. I was never a follower of Pusha T but i love Tyler and OF to death. I was really pumped to hear this track, it has a sick beat and obviously sick rhymes. Tyler always comes out to impress and i'm looking forward to whats coming in the future.
Pusha T-Trouble On My Mind (feat. Tyler, The Creator)

Gogol Bordello-Immidraniada (Bassnectar Remix): HARD Dubstep [Hardcore]

Stupid video and a fuckin dumb song but just to sample the original. Bassnectar took this one apart and i'm not really into this hardcore of dubstep but this song is just jokes and good to listen to here and there. Take a look and see what you think.
Gogol Bordello-Immidraniada (Bassnectar Remix)

Ferry Corsten-Check It Out

No idea about the artist. Ferry Corsten. So not a whole lot to say about this track but it's for sure something i can see on a Tiesto playlist. Dope hard-trance track. Happy weekend!
Ferry Corsten-Check It Out

Coldplay-Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Swedish House Mafia Remix) [House]

I was excited to hear this one because hate me for it or love me for it, i do like Coldplay's music. I think Chris Martin has dirty vocals and i like what the band does. I haven't been into much of their stuff lately, just because i haven't been looking or really that interested. This song represents both Coldplay and SHM very well. A nice easy, laid back house track for once. Nothing huge and intense, just a good house song. I like when you hear the Pete Tong tag at @1:12, lol i thrive.
Coldplay-Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Swedish House Mafia Remix)

Vodge Diper: New Dubstep Artist

Vodge Diper, producing out of Korea. The young artist moved from the UK 8 years ago and found his love and passion in music. At first, i thought this was just some guy pushing up against Mord Fustang. I mean, the names are pretty similar but after looking up these artists, i cant tell whose been around for longer. However, his music is pretty sweet. Take a look, ill follow him and see what else i can get for you.
Vodge Diper-Easy Now

Vodge Diper-You Gunna Dig This (Thank You Mix)

Nero, Xilent, The SoniXx: Sick Dubstep [Dubstep]

Sick playlist here after another little drought. My apologies, i'm just enjoying the summer. Anyways, some really really good artists here. I will explain one by one.

When i first saw this song, i expected it to be some intense UK, typical Nero style. But i was wrong. The vocals right at the beginning gave away that it was going to be a classic Calvin Harris song. And then when it kicks, Nero and Calvin just get it on. No better way to explain it. This is a sweet song which provides the best of both artists. For sure a download.
Calvin Harris-Feel So Close (Nero Remix)

I honestly can't remember if i posted the only other Xilent song i have. Choose Me was the first Xilent song i had heard and i was thriving like no other. I thought it was a sick kick, sick dubs just everything was dope about this track. Of course, another UK artists. I just got this new remix of his today, which is a remix of Yogi's "Follow You" which is a pretty good track. If it weren't for Xilent, the song might not be as good. Check it out.
Yogi-Follow You (Feat. Ayah Marar) [Xilent Remix]

Kaskade is a name that i have been seeing more and more over the past few months. Crazy dubstep. I connected his name to Kascada and i was turned off but once i gave it a listen i was loving it. Like normal, he teamed up with another artist. This time being Adam K. The original is pretty sweet and much different from the remix. I like this remix because there isn't too much going on but it still keeps the beat. Good party song i'd say?
Kaskade & Adam K-Raining (feat. Sunsun) [The SoniXx Remix]

Mac Miller-Just A Kid: Mac in T.O [Hip-Hop]

Mac Miller drops another sweet track in honour of reaching 600,000 followers on his Twitter. He released this for his fans in appreciation of where they have brought him in the last 6 or 7 months. Not to mention, Mac Miller is preforming tonight at KoolHaus in Toronto. If anybody attended the concert (which most people in Oakville did), then send us some pictures of the concert and we would be glad to put them up. I wasn't able to go...work from 6-9. Can you believe it?
Mac Miller-Just A Kid

July 11, 2011

Mashup Monday

So I know I've missed a few Mashup Monday's lately but I'm coming back with some sicks ones. Starting off with Kap Slap and 3Lau's collaboration of Turbulent Rock Anthem which I'd have to say is one of the sickest Mashups I've heard in a while. Then we slow things down with a song called Blowin' Money At The Deli by a fave artist of mine The Hood Internet. DJ Ellipsis' track Just Feel has a sick electro vibe provided by Justice that syncs perfectly with MGMT and Lady Gaga. And of course had to throw in a couply Skrilly tracks. Enjoy.

3LAU+Kap Slap-Turbulent Rock Anthem

The Hood Internet-Blowin' Money At The Deli

DJ Ellipsis-Just Feel(Lady Gaga vs. MGMT vs. Justice)

Doug Bogan-Full Circle (feat. Skrillex Nero Katy Perry Busta Rhymes and Reja Lee)

DJ Crumbsnatcher-Dear Boom Squad (Dem Franchize Boys vs. Skrillex vs. Flux Pavilion vs. Rack n' Ruin)

July 08, 2011

University of Tiesto

Its official. Tiesto IS launching his Club Life College Invasion Tour. I heard about this one a while back but i`m pretty sure at that time it was just an idea. But what do you know. Tiesto pulls through again. The best DJ in the world, touring the US in search of the wildest school. Unfortunately, this is an American tour only (as far as i know) so he will not be making any stops in Canada. Which really sucks because he would most likely play Toronto which is about 45 minutes away. Shitty. Heres the link to the page for the College Tour. If anyone happens to make it to a show, be sure to let us know!!

Mac Miller Talks His New Album and Why He Chose The Name

Just yesterday TBH gave you a video from Mac Miller reguarding his upcoming album "Blue Slide Park". Today, we are showing you an interview with Complex Magazine featuring Mac Miller and the story behind Blue Slide Park.
"Blue Slide Park is a playground/park that’s around the city of Pittsburgh. It’s a spot that we hung out at as little kids. But then we came back when we got older and drank and smoked there. It was the hangout spot. So it’s just a spot for a lot of people’s first memories.
I used to play Little League around there. I remember parties there, running from the cops, just a lot of stuff that I’ve done. Everything from when I was like 6 years old to memories of last night. Actually, last night we released the title so we went down there to go chill and kick it. But right when we rolled in, ten minutes later, cops pulled up. [Laughs.]
[It doesn't have a date but] it will be out soon. I don’t have a required thing that I have to have a date and meet it. It’s coming out through Rostrum in the fall, and I want to do it when it feels right to me." -Mac Miller
Source: Complex Magazine

Previous: Mac Miller Reveals His New Album Title

July 07, 2011

Ali Love-Diminishing Returns (Alvin Risk Remix): Sick Vocal Dubstep [Dubstep]

Found this song today and i am LOVING it. I am a huge fan of vocal-electronic. Anything with a sick vocal and a huge drop is what i aim for and this has it all. I like that this song has so much going on with it. The Chipmunk voice gets kind of annoying but i guess it adds to the song. Dope download.
Ali Love-Diminishing Returns (Alvin Risk Remix)

Beatles & Paul McCartney Remixes

This song isn't that new, but i found it a while ago. I have always had an interest in The Beatles, mostly because of my dad. So when i saw these i had to pick them up. The first song is a totally new remix of A Day In The Life off their Sergent Peppers and The Lonley Heart's Club Band which was released in the 60's. Probably one of their most career changing albums. However, the remix is sick. I love the urban hip-hop beat in the background. For sure not a waste of a great song.
Cee-Roo-A Day In The Life

Here's a newer song. Completely different from the last one. This song was put together while Laws and Paul McCartney were in a Sony studio writing down piano and guitar riffs. It's a sick hip-hop beat and the lyrics are dope. It sounds like a new-york underground rap, which is nice every now and then.
Momma Miss America-Laws & Paul McCartney

Trae Tha Truth-I'm On (feat. Lupe Fiasco, Big Boi, Wale, Wiz Khalifa & MDMA) [Hip-Hop]

Never was, never will be a fan of Trae Tha Truth but this song caught me for the beat, and the featured artists. This is one of those songs where you can pick out who makes it and breaks it. For instance, Wiz MAKES the song but on the other hand, Wale...not so much. I don't know, maybe it's just me but this song was good and bad for me. I'm sure once i start listening to it more ill warm up to it, but it was kind of a hit and miss. For sure check it out though.
Trae Tha Truth-I'm On (feat. Lupe Fiasco, Big Boi, Wale, Wiz Khalifa & MDMA)

Maverick Sabre-Let Me Go (Roksonix Remix): Hard Dubs [Dubstep]

Here's some new dubstep for all of you fiends. Not too much intel about this song or the artists. Keep in mind, Roksonix should be known by most by now. You may know them by their single "Skank Tank" or by many or their various electronic remixes. This is a sick, different song though. Once the song kicks it will take you away. Great new dub.
Maverick Sabre-Let Me Go (Roksonix Remix)

Felguk Mash-Up, Dada Life, Lazy Rich, FTampa: Crazy Electro [Electronic]

"Unleash The Scary Side" is a Felguk mash-up which brings together Skrillex, Felguk, Dada Life and Dirtyloud. So you can imagine how sick this track will be before you even play it. Sick party song, although it does have its breaks and kicks, so that you may need to get over. However, ill song to be playing out loud. Check it out.
Unleash The Scary Side (Felguk Mashup)-Felguk & Skrillex & Dada Life & Dirtyloud

Lazy Rich cleans up the club again with "Better Wipe That Up". CRAZY electro-house song. I played this one once and how i can't get it out of my head. So far from what i have seen some Lazy Rich, i have't been disappointed by anything. All of his songs give you that full deep; electro-house feel which i love. Reminds me of an episode of TCL.
Better Wipe That Up (Original Mix)-Lazy Rich

Last but not least, Dada Life drops one. Mad huge song. ONce again, FTampa puts together a crazy house remix of what already was a dope electronic original. This is one of those songs where you just have to see for yourself, needless to say you will love it. Take a look.
Fight Club Is Closed (It's Time For Rock n' Roll) (FTampa Remix)-Dada Life

Klass, Radio Killer, Aylen: Catchy House [House]

I love Klass. Two years ago when i heard his remix of Roller Head i was hooked. I thought his sounds and the way he cut his remixes was sick. I liked everything about his style. He went away on me for a bit, and i only had a few of his underground stuff but now we have something new. He throws out "I'm Free" which is remixed by the ever so famous Remady. This goes to show how much an artist can do to a song to make it his or her own. Sue this song is done by Klass, but the kick says Remady. Thriving.
Download: Klass-I'm Free (Remady Remix)

Honestly, i know nothing about this artist or the remix producer. So ill just leave it at that. But once you check this one out you'll start to realize why i love this song so much. It was a progressive euro melody to it which i love because you don't hear that a lot anymore. Sick electronic-house song for you.
Be Free (Sunrider Remix)-Radio Killer

Once again...sorry. Not to much info on this artist either but the songs nuts. This ones for the deeper house fan.

Gravitron-Van O: Dope Track [Electronic]

Ill be honest. Thing song isn't new. And yes...TBH has been loafting on a new post. Believe it or not this one was supposed to be put up last week (with about 50 others) but fuck, it's the first week of summer and Jack and I are thriving. Anyways, Gravitron by Van O. So much to say about this song. First of all, this song is one of many with this distincts Van-O groove and beat. I think the main reason i like this song so much is because that its basically one in a million. I've never heard a song like this one and the chances are i wont again. However, give it a listen and a download and you'll be jamming out just like i am.

Van O-Gravitron

Mac Miller Reveals His New Album Title

Looking forward to Mac's new album "Blue Slide Park" dropping within a few months. Also, get prepared for those of you who are going to his BDE concert at Koolhaus on July 16th.