May 31, 2011

Dubsidia, Phetsta, The Dub Cobra: Hard Core Dub

Cant really say i know much about these artists all i know is that they bang hard. I have to say I'm addicted to that synthy trance sound in the beginning of Dubsidia's Ganja Monsta and i never get tired of that sick wobble Phetsta uses in his remix of Drunk In This. Enjoy.

Dubsidia-Ganja Monsta

Phetsta-Drunk In This

The Dub Cobra-A Green Giant

Daft Punk, Chuckie: Dance Remixes

Watch this video. I have no clue what the relevance to either Daft Punk or their style of music but they put it out! I have always loved Daft Punk. They have a wide range of sound from dance all the way to club. Here's a dance track that has always been a favourite of mine and has many plays on my library, remixed by Dan Castro from Resident Advisor.

Daft Punk-High Life (Dan Castro's 'Bring Back The Funk' Edit)

I was never a fan and i never followed his music so really i only like this song for the remix. Pretty sick though, sounds like it would be an Afrojack mix or something. But give it a look and see how you like it. Sick house.

Michael Jackson-Hollywood Tonight (Chuckie Remix)

Justice-Civilization (LAZRtag Remix): Sick Remix!!

Gotta be honest, i wasn't a huge fan of the original to Civilization. Not sure why, because i really do like their work. I Still play D.A.N.C.E and the remixes, Phantom (I/II) and Newjack off of their album Cross. They have a mad different sound, glitchy but still regulates itself to a good melody. Take a look at this remix and if you want to take a look at the original, click here.

Justice-Civilization (LAZRtag Remix)

Skizzy Mars, Kid Cudi & Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean: New Hip-Hop

Crazy song. Beginning with the rhode leads, fading into the chill beat. This guy reminds me of Cudi, which is ironic because hes on this play list as well. Good set of tracks, all chillin tunes that you can play in the background or out loud. Sick to see Wiz and Cudi to be making music together. Lots o' weed references, i like it. The Big Sean track is ill. Sean's been growing on me and i picked up "I Put The G In Good Music" and it was sick. Check out this Hip-Hop playlist from TBH, nice to see more rap. Let us know if you want more!

Skizzy Mars-Profound

Kid Cudi-Tree (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Big Sean-Not Good Enough

May 30, 2011

Mashup Monday

So here is The Banger Hanger's first of our weekly Mashup Monday. Starting with the classic Sick Bromance by Tim Berg, mashed up with a few mainstream songs which seem to blend surprisingly well. I have to say I hate mainstream Pop music but the way DJ DiBella throws these songs which I wished I would never hear again gives me a completely new view of them. Secondly is the Nas Mashup with Gramatik's Stairway to Hip-Hop Heaven which is arguably one of the best Mashups I've ever heard. Then we've got another Hood Internet Mashup which definitely took me a few listens to like but the chill beat and soothing vocals really grew on me. We end it off with a Banger Dubstep Hip-Hop Mashup. Need I say more?

DJ DiBella-Break Bromance Tonight

Vico Ono-Heaven is a Bitch(Nas vs. Led Zeppelin vs. Gramatik)

The Hood Internet-Blueberry Cycling (The Cataracs vs. The Pack vs. Boards Of Canada)

King Fantasic vs. Rusko-Why?Where?What?(Troublemaker Edit)

Dirty Loud, Flux Pavilion, Flinch, KDrew [Hard Core]

Sick collection of Hard Core electro. Different levels of electro but i wanted to group them all together to make your life a bit easier. Give the Dirtyloud song a good listen, sick electro samples, it reminds me of a Lazy Rich mix. I was also mad impressed with World On Fire by Flinch. Crazy hits and drags. Hard Core tunes, turn up the volume!

Dirtyloud-Disco Recordz (Alex Mind Remix)

Flux Pavilion-Bass Cannon (Tomlinson Remix)

Flinch-World On Fire

KDrew-War Of The Worlds

J. Cole-How High [Hip-Hop]

Chillin song with classic J. Cole verses. Song is probably relevant to many in the Oakville area...

J. Cole-How High

BlackMill-Lucid Truth: Trippy Melodic Dubstep

Ive had a few BlackMill songs in my library for a while now and as i was looking for new material today, i found this song and it opened my eyes to this type of dubstep. Its just so different from anything i have heard. It almost works like an iDoser ahah. Put it on (preferably with headphones) shut your eyes, take a deep breath. You will never have felt more relaxed.

BlackMill-Lucid Truth

BlackMill-Spirit Of Life

JCB-Embracing Solitude (BlackMill Remix)

Two New Skrillex Previews!! [Hard Core]

I hate watching previews for songs. Especially when its an artist who is making a comeback on me. Shit this looks sick. I posted the original by Nero & Sub Focus but Skrillex makes this song his own, its hard for me to explain how sick this song looks. Speechless...

Previous: Nero & Sub Focus- Promises [Dubstep]

Heres a preview of All I Ask Of You which featured Penny on Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites which was released in October of 2010. Overall, sick remix on the song. The original was more like a euro-trance song, not typical skrillex but this remix with 12th Planet looks dope!

Skrillex-All I Ask Of You (12th Planet Remix) (Preview Reloop)

Mord Fustang-Finally: Preview

This made me happy to see and hear this morning. Mord Fustang has to be the best new electro artist i have in my library at the moment. His songs are always so different, especially with this new one. Yet they all have the same elements and samples. This is just a preview, so no download...just a sound cloud player. Gives you a chance to check out more of his stuff.

Mord Fustang-Finally *Preview*

May 29, 2011

Lymph Project, Crackspiders Pitch [Dubstep]

Two new dubstep songs. One remix and one original. Take a look, pretty sick.

Alice Deejay-Better Off Alone (Lymph Project Remix)

Crackspiders Pitch-Just A Lady

Asher Roth-Last Man Standing (feat. Akon): Sick New Colab

"Enforce The Law" with Nottz Raw off the Rawth EP.

Man, i love Asher Roth, all of his songs are sick especially his underground shit. Having a guy like Akon on a track like this is nuts but i think he adds his sick vocals which makes the chorus.

Asher Roth-Last Man Standing (feat. Akon)

Imogen Heap-Hide & Seek (Otto Knows Remix): Sick House Remix

Haha i have always thought the original to this song was sick and i always loved listening to it (don't deny that you do too). This is a sick house remix on the song. This song was originally thrown out by Beat My Day, one of the best house music blogs on the web, and this is what the guys from BMD had to say about this one."Sprinkled by an absolute brilliant setting of piano leads, it comes just in time for what might be the best Summer yet for house and EDM. Gear up for the embellished appeal of perfectly compiled piano tones coming from on the rise-producer Otto Knows, graced with the smooth vocal from the world renowned London singer."
Imogen Heap-Hide & Seek (Otto Knows Remix)

Chiddy Bang-Peanut Butter And Swelly

The full album from Chiddy Bang. I havent listened to much of it yet but ill be sure to check it out. So far im loving it though, CB makes dope beats and adds new-school lyrics to it. Take a look for yourself.

Chiddy Bang-Cameras

Chiddy Bang-Heatwave (feat. Mac Miller)

Chiddy Bang-Dancing With The DJ (Remix)

Download: Chiddy Bang-Peanut Butter And Swelly

Previous: Chiddy Bang-Guinness Flow: ILL BEAT

May 26, 2011

The Hood Internet: Intro To Mash-Up Monday Hosted By Jack Bonicci

The man (Jack) discovered these two mash-up artists called The Hood Internet. Now I'm not a mash-up guy, i always thought they sounded cheap and boring but these ones are filthy. I think i like them because they seem like regular songs to me. I mean their so different that its almost like it could be an original.

Starting next Monday, May 30th. Jack is going to be starting his show called Mash-Up Monday. Giving you his personal favorites, some classics and some new stuff i bet you never would have found. Be sure to check out TBH next Monday.

The Hood Internet-Hello Something (Dragonette x The Kickdrums x Kutcorners)

Pierre Hubert, The Boy From Ipanema, Laidback Luke: Sick House


Good set of house tracks here. I was really impressed with the Save The World remix by Pierre Hubert. Laidback Luke remixed Where You Should Be by Skream. Pretty sweet house remix, i don't usually listen to Luke but every once in a while i catch a good one.`

For the Levels vocal mix. At the beginning, i didn't really like it but after playing it over a few times, it reminded me of a vocal that Calvin Harris would drop down. Now i'm currently thriving. Give it a listen and see what you think.

Swedish House Mafia-Save The World (Pierre Hubert Remix)

Avicii-Levels (The Boy From Ipanema Remix)

Skream-Where You Should Be (feat. Sam Frank) [Laidback Luke Remix]

Skrillex & 12th Planet-Need Changes [Dubstep]

I was talking with my buddies today about the site and music and Skrillex came up. I explained to them how i have been kinda faded away from Skrillex, i over played it basically but damn this song changed my mind. Listening to this song while i'm deezin' out puts me in a pretty happy place right now. Check it out, relax and soak it up.

Skrillex & 12th Planet-Need Changes

When 4 Artists & 3 Songs Have Butt Secks...

Totally unexpected from Darth & Vader but i am more than proud to post this song! This song proves that anything is possible and you can make a sick song off of anything. This tune combines Mann-Buzzin, Lights-Ellie Goulding & Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO mixed together by D&V. Party Song, hundo.

All Night Long (Darth & Vader Mix)

May 25, 2011

Chiddy Bang-Guinness Flow: ILL BEAT

Another leak from Peanut Butter & Swelly, looking pretty good.

Chiddy Bang-Guinness Flow

Previous: Chiddy Bang-When You've Got Music: Leak Off New Album!!

Avicii Broken Down

For everyone who is unfamiliar with the name Avicii, please read.

Tim Berg (Avicii) is a producer from Stockholm, Sweden. In 2008 he released his first solo "Man Man." He then went on to release a new and essential single called "Ryu." In 2010 he dropped the record breaking song "Bromance" as Tim Berg. Then shortly hooking up with Sebastien Drums on "My Feelings For You." Many of Avicii's listeners are familiar with the single which has had several name changes but officially titled "Levels." 

Why the hell does he change his name from song to song? He actually remixed a Tim Berg song as Avicii...Check It Out. If you took the time to watch the video you will realize the sick changes he made from the video embedded above, not only in the audio but in the video. Haha...Swedes.

Pete Tong from BBC Radio 1 released an essential mix from Avicii on December, 11 2010. For more essential mixes for sure check out Radio 1. A sick way to find new electro/house songs.

 Download: Avicii-Essential Mix (12-11-2010) [Pete Tong-BBC Radio 1]

Just a few more to check out, classic Avicii remixes.

Tiesto-Escape Me (Avicii Remix)

Tom Hangs-Blessed (feat. Shermanology) [Avicii Mix]

Toni Braxton-Make My Heart (Avicii Untitled Remix)

PaceWon & Mr. Green-Children Sing [Video]

This song is old, much older than any song on TBH should be but shit its so dope. My buddy Cali showed me this one last summer and i felt the need for a hard rap song that no to many people have heard (i'm assuming). PaceWon was new to me when i heard this but it was sold to me the moment i heard the sample of the children's choir. In following, PaceWon knocks the song out with his verses, just puts it to sleep. Take a look at this one, play it through several times and then you will get what i mean.

Download: PaceWon & Mr. Green-Children Sing

Sun Of A Gun (Jacob Plant Remix): Chill Dubstep Remix

I posted this remix because it came on and i really liked it and wanted to share. In my ears, the vocals by Oh Land made the song. The dubstep it sweet but theres something about the tone of her voice which is sick.

Oh Land-Sun Of A Gun (Jacob Plant Remix)

TBH Remix Sessions: Bassnectar, Dave Edwards, Fytch, Sex Ray Vision On ELLIE GOULDING

Ellie Goulding is a beauty. Her voice is sick, her songs have depth and the remix job that some of these DJ's are putting on her songs only makes them that much better. Were bringing you four remixes of Goulding's "Lights." A huge hit with countless remixes. Personally, i like the Sex Ray Vision and the Dave Edwards renditions on the songs because thats an electronic comfort zone i have and thats usually the type of music that i have on. But definitely check them all out. For hard dubs check out the Fytch remix.

Ellie Goulding-Lights (Bassnectar Remix)

Ellie Goulding-Lights (Dave Edwards Remix)

Ellie Goulding-Lights (Fytch Dubstep Remix)

Ellie Goulding-Lights (Sex Ray Vision Remix)

Deadmau5-Raise Your Weapon Remixes! [House]

TBH is bringing you two, totally different new Deadmau5 remixes. Starting with the Madeon remix. This track represents a dance-funk-electro theme which picks apart the song in ways that nobody else ever could. Regarding the Noisia remix, i haven't found a Noisia song or remix that i haven't liked. He always adds the fuzziest, deepest and loudest bass lines and his drops are always CRAZY. If you're going to check out these tracks, please please pay attention to the Noisia remix at about 1:45. When i first heard that drop this morning, it started my day off that much better.

Deadmau5-Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix)

Deadmau5-Raise Your Weapon (Noisia Remix)-HUGE DROP AT 1:45

May 24, 2011

Big Sean In New Derrick Rose AdiZero Commercial [Video]

As many of you have probably seen, NBA player Derrick Rose was featured on a Powerade Commercial which also featured hip-hop artist J.Cole. Rose is doing it again but this time hes representing Adidas and their new AdiZero basketball shoe. Steezy.

The Derrick Rose commercial features audio by a popular up and coming new school rap artist. "I Do It" by rapper Big Sean is featured. Maybe this tells us something about his taste in music; new school rap.

TBH Remix Sessions: Avicii, Messed & Mintie on ADELE

I was originally asked to put my three favourite remixes of Adele's songs in order on the site but i couldn't choose which one i liked the most and of course which one i liked the least. Ill leave that up to you. Adele has such a unique style of music but i am not sure if i am sold on her yet. After i heard a few house and electro remixes of her songs i started browsing for more of her stuff and this is some of what i found. Three totally different remixes of three different songs. The funny thing is each artists tags these songs with their own touch and i love it. Avicii by far made the best remix of "Rolling In The Deep" and Mintie and Messed killed their tracks. Give each one a good listen.

Adele-Rolling In The Deep (Avicii Remix)

Adele-Someone Like You (Messed Remix)

Adele-Turning Tables (Mintie Remix)- If i had to choose...#1.

New Party Rock Anthem Remix [Hard Core]

Why not? This song is too sick. Not much more to say.

LMFAO-Party Rock Anthem (Wonkap & Torrid Remix)

This song is an original by Omega. Crazy. He sets you up with a trippy ass intro and then knocks you out at the drop. Once again, for the more avid, more tolerable dubstep/drumstep listener but still try it out, who knows you may like it. Drops at 0:47.



F.O.O.L-Nonsense [Drumstep]

Avid drumstep listeners will understand this one. If you have a nice bassy sub-woofer and a good set of speakers then you're in good shape because thats the proper way to listen to this. I have a few tracks by F.O.O.L and they are nuts but this one is sick. I want to say it reminds me of Skrillex but some may argue that.

Kick comes in at 1:15


Styles & Complete, Afrojack & David Guetta, Dr. Gonzo: Dope New Remixes

Andre 3000 is my hero, and his songs are too good. Sweet rhymes always go along with his super easy beat and he always throws in a component of comedy. Styles & Complete adds mad dubstep to this song with DEEP bass. Crank it up and keep your ears open for Andre.

Outkast- Bombs Over Baghdad (Styles and Complete Remix) 

To be honest, i'm not a huge fan of David Guetta. Not only am i not so in tune with Dutch House, but i don't listen to that much main stream music, it annoys me...But Guetta sure did do this song well. Obviously Afrojack played a roll in this remix which became very clear after the second kick (5:28).

Snoop Dogg-Sweat (David Guetta & Afrojack Dub Remix)

Deffinatley a banger. Kid Cudi's original was sick to begin with so Dr. Gonzo (who i am not firmiliar with) did justice to it. Turn it up!

Kid Cudi-Up Up & Away (Dr. Gonzo Remix) 

Nero & Sub Focus- Promises [Dubstep]

Having two totally different artists like Nero & Sub Focus to come together on a song on such a song is mind breaking. Nero absolutely takes over the song with the dubstep kick in the back giving the floor to Nicholas Douwma of Sub Focus. Sick song overall, so glad i found it. A true dubstep remix fiend will download...

Nero & Sub Focus-Promises

May 23, 2011

Chiddy Bang-When You've Got Music: Leak Off New Album!!

When You've Got Music is the first leak off Chiddy Bang`s next album which is titled Peanut Butter & Swelly. Part of their preparation for their new release on Friday, Chiddy Bang has decided to release a new song until the drop day for PB&S so stay tuned into TBH to see whats next!

Chiddy Bang-When You've Got Music

Rapsody-Extra Extra (feat. Mac Miller) [Video]

Rapsody is one of 6 members of the group Kooley High. Three rappers, 2 producers and a DJ that are all former N.C State University Students. The female component, Rapsody will be releasing her album "Thank H.E.R. Now" on June 21st. The first single leaked from the mixtape, Extra Extra featuring Mac Miller.

Download: Rapsody-Extra Extra (feat. Mac Miller)

KAM Royal, Phil Ade [Hip-Hop]: Chillin Rap

New up and comer...liking his stuff so far, seems legit. haven't quite gotten the barber shop and tooth brushing part yet. "Dude" is a leak off KAM Royals' new album "Vindicated" which will be dropping for us all on June 4th.

A cover of Coldplay's "Speed of Sound" Phil Ade throws down some serious verses. Not a whole lot to say about this one and if you aren't sold on the artist, theres a shout out to Mac Miller on this will you listen?

Phil Ade-Speed Of Sound

J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Timeflies [Hip-Hop]

"Hov asked me “is you ready for it?” I looked around at all his nice things…. and told him “***** you already know it”. -J. Cole
J. Cole-Return of Simba 

Wiz Khalifa-Reefer Party (Feat. Chevy Woods & Neako)

Timeflies-Never Grow Up (feat. Loggy & Mike Stud)

New Avicii [Trance]

Avicii & Sebastien Drums is becoming a household collaboration in my library. First dropping "My Feelings For You" a few months ago, followed by countless remixes. Avicii is climbing the ladder in the industry, playing shows at universities and having his famous "Levels" played at every party in town.

Avicii & Sebastien Drums-Snus (Christian Luke Remix)

When "Silhouettes" first dropped i was automatically in love. His songs have a certain touch that only he can bring. Now, thanks to UMF Radio dropping an untitled vocal mix; we can really see the potential for Tim Berg/Avicii's work.

Avicii-Silhouettes (UMF Vocal Mix Preview)

Lady GaGa- Judas (R3hab Remix): Crazy House Remix

lady gaga

Similar to artists such as Katy Perry, i only listen to these songs when they have been remixed. And every remix of their songs that have been dropped have all been insane, one of my favorites being Benny Benassi's remix on ET. The Netherlands based producer, R3hab has done this track up well. Turn up the volume and enjoy! Electro kick at 1:43

Lady GaGa- Judas (R3hab Remix)

Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Big Sean [Hip-Hop]

Wiz Khalifa goes all out on YC's "Racks Remix."

YC- Racks (Remix) [feat. Wiz Khalifa]

Ill song from Big Sean. Deep beat with perky bass, matched with sick rhymes and Big Seans sick voice.

Big Sean- What Goes Around

Drake drops a new single; "Dreams Money Can Buy" which has revived his old sound which is making many people very very, happy. And as far as the SBTRKT song goes, were looking at a trippy hip-hop beat with the psychedelic synth in the back but drake KILLS it!

SBTRKT- Wildfire (Remix) [feat. Drake & Little Dragon]-DOPE DRAKE

Drake- Dreams Money Can Buy

New Mac Miller Songs & Video [Hip-Hop]

Sick song, dope video. Almost makes me want to play some RHCP...

Mac Miller is up and down on what he is doing. I have known him since "The High Life" and things have changed since then but it looks to me as if he is coming back with something new and something dope. Check these two new joints out. "Love Lost" is brought up by a Temper Trap song which was also remixed by Adventure Club (Check it out!!). Overall two sick songs taht are back to Mac Millers comfort zone.

Mac Miller- Love Lost

Mac Miller- Talk About

Henry Blank, Alesso, Aboutblank [House]

Havent heard much of Djane Turrach but i do own several Henry Blank remixes. The vocals add a euro-house feel to the song which is why i cant stop listening to it, kinda bring you back to the "original" trance beat.

Djane Turrach-Spirit Of The Night (Henry Blank Remix)

Nadia Ali has come up with various house songs that will blow your mind. Needless to say Alesso added brought the trance vibes to the table. Trance at 1:45.

Nadia Ali-Pressure (Alesso Remix)

Sick house beat. Beat drop at 2:23.

Aboutblank & KLC-Magic

May 22, 2011

The Wombats-Techno Fan (Afrojack Club Mix): Sick House Remix

Afrojack is the master of all remixes. Every song he has revived have come from a range of genres, but he always give them his own personal house touch. He adds a trance feel to it, almost like Tiesto would and i think thats what sells it. Turn up the bass and volume!!

The Wombats-Techno Fan (Afrojack Club Mix)