May 30, 2011

Mashup Monday

So here is The Banger Hanger's first of our weekly Mashup Monday. Starting with the classic Sick Bromance by Tim Berg, mashed up with a few mainstream songs which seem to blend surprisingly well. I have to say I hate mainstream Pop music but the way DJ DiBella throws these songs which I wished I would never hear again gives me a completely new view of them. Secondly is the Nas Mashup with Gramatik's Stairway to Hip-Hop Heaven which is arguably one of the best Mashups I've ever heard. Then we've got another Hood Internet Mashup which definitely took me a few listens to like but the chill beat and soothing vocals really grew on me. We end it off with a Banger Dubstep Hip-Hop Mashup. Need I say more?

DJ DiBella-Break Bromance Tonight

Vico Ono-Heaven is a Bitch(Nas vs. Led Zeppelin vs. Gramatik)

The Hood Internet-Blueberry Cycling (The Cataracs vs. The Pack vs. Boards Of Canada)

King Fantasic vs. Rusko-Why?Where?What?(Troublemaker Edit)

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