May 24, 2011

TBH Remix Sessions: Avicii, Messed & Mintie on ADELE

I was originally asked to put my three favourite remixes of Adele's songs in order on the site but i couldn't choose which one i liked the most and of course which one i liked the least. Ill leave that up to you. Adele has such a unique style of music but i am not sure if i am sold on her yet. After i heard a few house and electro remixes of her songs i started browsing for more of her stuff and this is some of what i found. Three totally different remixes of three different songs. The funny thing is each artists tags these songs with their own touch and i love it. Avicii by far made the best remix of "Rolling In The Deep" and Mintie and Messed killed their tracks. Give each one a good listen.

Adele-Rolling In The Deep (Avicii Remix)

Adele-Someone Like You (Messed Remix)

Adele-Turning Tables (Mintie Remix)- If i had to choose...#1.

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