July 07, 2011

Beatles & Paul McCartney Remixes

This song isn't that new, but i found it a while ago. I have always had an interest in The Beatles, mostly because of my dad. So when i saw these i had to pick them up. The first song is a totally new remix of A Day In The Life off their Sergent Peppers and The Lonley Heart's Club Band which was released in the 60's. Probably one of their most career changing albums. However, the remix is sick. I love the urban hip-hop beat in the background. For sure not a waste of a great song.
Cee-Roo-A Day In The Life

Here's a newer song. Completely different from the last one. This song was put together while Laws and Paul McCartney were in a Sony studio writing down piano and guitar riffs. It's a sick hip-hop beat and the lyrics are dope. It sounds like a new-york underground rap, which is nice every now and then.
Momma Miss America-Laws & Paul McCartney

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