July 17, 2011


So, you may not be an OddFuture fan eh? Well then i have advice for you. Either skip this post and never look at it. Or, take a look, take time to check them out and give them a chance. I had too, believe me. I never liked these guys for the longest time, i thought they had nothing good to rap about. But i gave them a listen and payed attention to what they're saying and then i understood. For sure they're different, no doubt. But when you really pay attention to what they say you start to understand the rap and you learn more about them. That's personally why i like it so much, its just a personal thing. Needless to say, everyday they're getting bigger. Tyler is on some tracks with some bigger artists, Earl is almost free...and all the rest of them are at a crack house somewhere.
Anyways, take a look at this playlist we put together. Some will argue about the songs i put on, i know. But i based this list around the songs i listen to everyday. I also excluded the ones where Tyler is either yelling 90% of the time or just the bad ones. There's a few. Take a lesson though, see what these guys have to offer. I'm lovin it.

TBH Notables: OFWGKTA by thebangerhanger

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