July 11, 2011

Mashup Monday

So I know I've missed a few Mashup Monday's lately but I'm coming back with some sicks ones. Starting off with Kap Slap and 3Lau's collaboration of Turbulent Rock Anthem which I'd have to say is one of the sickest Mashups I've heard in a while. Then we slow things down with a song called Blowin' Money At The Deli by a fave artist of mine The Hood Internet. DJ Ellipsis' track Just Feel has a sick electro vibe provided by Justice that syncs perfectly with MGMT and Lady Gaga. And of course had to throw in a couply Skrilly tracks. Enjoy.

3LAU+Kap Slap-Turbulent Rock Anthem

The Hood Internet-Blowin' Money At The Deli

DJ Ellipsis-Just Feel(Lady Gaga vs. MGMT vs. Justice)

Doug Bogan-Full Circle (feat. Skrillex Nero Katy Perry Busta Rhymes and Reja Lee)

DJ Crumbsnatcher-Dear Boom Squad (Dem Franchize Boys vs. Skrillex vs. Flux Pavilion vs. Rack n' Ruin)

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