July 07, 2011

Klass, Radio Killer, Aylen: Catchy House [House]

I love Klass. Two years ago when i heard his remix of Roller Head i was hooked. I thought his sounds and the way he cut his remixes was sick. I liked everything about his style. He went away on me for a bit, and i only had a few of his underground stuff but now we have something new. He throws out "I'm Free" which is remixed by the ever so famous Remady. This goes to show how much an artist can do to a song to make it his or her own. Sue this song is done by Klass, but the kick says Remady. Thriving.
Download: Klass-I'm Free (Remady Remix)

Honestly, i know nothing about this artist or the remix producer. So ill just leave it at that. But once you check this one out you'll start to realize why i love this song so much. It was a progressive euro melody to it which i love because you don't hear that a lot anymore. Sick electronic-house song for you.
Be Free (Sunrider Remix)-Radio Killer

Once again...sorry. Not to much info on this artist either but the songs nuts. This ones for the deeper house fan.

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