July 07, 2011

Gravitron-Van O: Dope Track [Electronic]

Ill be honest. Thing song isn't new. And yes...TBH has been loafting on a new post. Believe it or not this one was supposed to be put up last week (with about 50 others) but fuck, it's the first week of summer and Jack and I are thriving. Anyways, Gravitron by Van O. So much to say about this song. First of all, this song is one of many with this distincts Van-O groove and beat. I think the main reason i like this song so much is because that its basically one in a million. I've never heard a song like this one and the chances are i wont again. However, give it a listen and a download and you'll be jamming out just like i am.

Van O-Gravitron

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