July 16, 2011

Nero, Xilent, The SoniXx: Sick Dubstep [Dubstep]

Sick playlist here after another little drought. My apologies, i'm just enjoying the summer. Anyways, some really really good artists here. I will explain one by one.

When i first saw this song, i expected it to be some intense UK, typical Nero style. But i was wrong. The vocals right at the beginning gave away that it was going to be a classic Calvin Harris song. And then when it kicks, Nero and Calvin just get it on. No better way to explain it. This is a sweet song which provides the best of both artists. For sure a download.
Calvin Harris-Feel So Close (Nero Remix)

I honestly can't remember if i posted the only other Xilent song i have. Choose Me was the first Xilent song i had heard and i was thriving like no other. I thought it was a sick kick, sick dubs just everything was dope about this track. Of course, another UK artists. I just got this new remix of his today, which is a remix of Yogi's "Follow You" which is a pretty good track. If it weren't for Xilent, the song might not be as good. Check it out.
Yogi-Follow You (Feat. Ayah Marar) [Xilent Remix]

Kaskade is a name that i have been seeing more and more over the past few months. Crazy dubstep. I connected his name to Kascada and i was turned off but once i gave it a listen i was loving it. Like normal, he teamed up with another artist. This time being Adam K. The original is pretty sweet and much different from the remix. I like this remix because there isn't too much going on but it still keeps the beat. Good party song i'd say?
Kaskade & Adam K-Raining (feat. Sunsun) [The SoniXx Remix]

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