July 17, 2011

Sick Madeon Live (In Studio) Mash-Up

For our early viewers, you may remember one of the first Deadmau5 posts where i posted remixes to "Raise Your Weapon." One remix was done by 17 year old, Madeon who is a prodigy of Mau5. Along with picking up techniques and tricks from Deadmau5, he also seemed to pick up some equipment. Now i used to be all into the gear side of music, so it interests me that this young (17 year old) producer is using this controller. Deadmau5 uses a "one of a kind" 16x16 Monome trigger pad that was brought over to him from Monome in Germany. Madeon, as you can see is using a controller half the size, 8x8. It's just weird how such a young artist would have that advanced gear so early in the game. Damn. Anyways this is a really sick video check it out!

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