July 17, 2011

James Egbert-Lady Luck: Sick Electro [Electro]

I came across James Egbert a few weeks ago when i was looking for new shit. I initially skipped over him because he was a name i didn't recognize so i put him off to the side. Yesterday night, i was looking for music again, this time a bit more careful with what i check out. I found this new track by James called "Lady Luck" which is a sick song. It reminds me of a Van O song or a DJ Kue song, no clue why. Also, while looking for music i found two other songs he's in. Ones a remix and ones an original. The two originals (Isle Of Capri and Lady Luck) sound somewhat similar to each other, much different than "Kaptain Kyle." I'm really liking this stuff so give it a look and don't make the same mistake i did.
James Egbert-Lady Luck

James Egbert-Isle Of Capri

Caramel Carmela-Kaptain Kyle (James Egbert Remix)

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