July 08, 2011

Mac Miller Talks His New Album and Why He Chose The Name

Just yesterday TBH gave you a video from Mac Miller reguarding his upcoming album "Blue Slide Park". Today, we are showing you an interview with Complex Magazine featuring Mac Miller and the story behind Blue Slide Park.
"Blue Slide Park is a playground/park that’s around the city of Pittsburgh. It’s a spot that we hung out at as little kids. But then we came back when we got older and drank and smoked there. It was the hangout spot. So it’s just a spot for a lot of people’s first memories.
I used to play Little League around there. I remember parties there, running from the cops, just a lot of stuff that I’ve done. Everything from when I was like 6 years old to memories of last night. Actually, last night we released the title so we went down there to go chill and kick it. But right when we rolled in, ten minutes later, cops pulled up. [Laughs.]
[It doesn't have a date but] it will be out soon. I don’t have a required thing that I have to have a date and meet it. It’s coming out through Rostrum in the fall, and I want to do it when it feels right to me." -Mac Miller
Source: Complex Magazine

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