June 20, 2011

3000 Views + Future Projects

We would like to point out that today we hosted our 3000th page view in less than a month. Those are some pretty sick numbers for a project i didn't think would get big anyways. But now it's getting bigger. Within the next few weeks we will be working with a number of people to start putting out some TBH gear such as t-shirts, hats, tank tops etc. We are also working on stickers and other promotional material so once those are in we will let you know and we can start mailing stickers and stuff to whoever wants to rep a street-team. But for now all we ask you to do is to get people on our Facebook Page and The Banger Hanger website. This couldn't have been done without you. We will release the music if we know there will be people to listen and as far as were concerned now; there's plently of room to grow and we could really use your help!

Thank you for everything,
Colin Clarke & Jack Bonnici

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