June 14, 2011

Kanye West, Nas, XV [Hip-Hop]

Good to see Kanye drop a new track. I like this one too. It has a beat that you might find on an album such as Kingdom Come (Jay-Z) but all Kanye's vocals and rhymes. Take a look at this one, mad chillin.

Kanye West-Mama's Boyfriend

Nasty, is the first single on what is going to be Nas's forthcoming tenth studio album which will be titled "Life Is Good." Nas is back!!!!!


Now, XV is an up and comer that i have been following for about a year. He has released 2 albums "Everybody's Nobody" and "Vizzy Zone" followed by "Zero Heroes" which was released a few months ago. Anyways, he is sick. I would call him a mix between B.O.B and Chiddy Bang. So he has a pretty sick style. TBH is giving you his newest piece of work "Phobia" which is a good song. It looks like he is trying out a new style and new foundations for lyrics. We are also giving you a demo of some of his work. These tracks are NOT available for download but they will always be here for you to play!


XV Demo by The Banger Hanger

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