June 14, 2011

LEFT OVERS! [Electro]

This playlist is a mix up of some new songs that i have hangin' around my library. All within a week or two old so they are still fresh. You'll find some pretty crazy electro tracks on this list along with an Avicii song dub-stepped. The Chris Brown song really surprised me. I was never a hage fan of that song or the remixes but this new one by Dallask and Halatrax was sick! Obviously a new Zeds Dead track which hits pretty hard as usual. Last but not least, my favourite; Darth & Vader. He remixes Get Out by Lazy Rich and like always makes it crazy! Just a heads up, the song is only 3 minutes long because it is UNRELEASED! Can't wait for the final drop! Hope you like em.

Chris Brown & Benny Benassi-Beautiful People (Dallask & Halatrax Remix)

Lazy Rich-Get Out (feat. Lizze Curious) [Darth & Vader Remix]

Zeds Dead & The Killabits-Just Hold Me-UNRELEASED

The Toxic Avenger-Agnst Two (Drivepilot Remix)

Avicii-Drowning (B Lett Remix)-DUBSTEP

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