June 08, 2011

SHM-Save The World (feat. John Martin) [eSQUIRE vs OFFBeat Remix]: Avicii Sampled Remix [House]

Yet another SHM remix in the past 30 days, i'm kinda getting sick of them. However i wanted to show you this. The remix is said to be done by eSQUIRE & OFFBeat (whoever they are) but once i played it it reminded me of a song i already knew. Turns out the samples are from Sillhouettes by Avicii. So i have no idea how this song was released under those names but it was. Take a look. Because TBH has been doing so well. Reaching our 2000+ views, were going to throw in both songs for download!

Swedish House Mafia-Save The World (feat. John Martin) [eSQUIRE vs OFFBeat Remix]


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