June 02, 2011

Spencer & Hill, Na Palm: Bangers!! [Electro-House]

When i was interoduced to the "Cantina" remixes by Spencer & Hill vs. Bastian Van Shield. From there they went on to make their own remix of the song. Click here for Bastian Van Shield remix. Click here for Spencer & Hill remix. Personally, i like the Spencer & Hill remix more so that explains why i am posting their new song. Beatrocka is pretty sick. As a few of the songs on TBH, it reminds me a lot of Justice and MSTRKRFT...those guys. Anyways, check it out and tell me what you think.

Spencer & Hill-Beatrocka (Club Mix)

Another song to check out. Has sick rap lyrics.

Na Palm-Two Days Straight [The Soundpusher Club-Step Edit]

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