June 08, 2011

SUPREME/LAKAI Shoe Team-Up & Fresh New-School Hip-Hop

Founder of both Girl Skateboards and Lakai, Mike Carroll  has said to be the innovator of technical street skating in the early 90's. Supreme, which is a growing...trend it seems like. But Supreme noticed what Carroll has done for the industry. They are soon to be releasing two limited colour limited edition Lakai pro models. Sorry for the late notice but the shoes came out on June 1st...but in the states so i guess we'll have to wait. The orange and blue suede shoes are currently being sold exclusively at Supreme stores. Sick picture to go along with it...

Here's a playlist of some new-school hip-hop that i have recently found. Good Life, feautues Drake and he nails it! Everything i have heard from his has been so sick recently. I really hope he continues on with it and releases something new. I'm honestly new to the names Jelani and Sucka Free CJ but i gave their songs a look and i am starting to get hooked.

Rebstar-Good Life (feat. Drake & Rock City)

Jelani-Japanese Architecture

Sucka Free CJ-Sidewalk Strut

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