June 19, 2011

TBH On: Young Jeezy: Trap Music [Hip-Hop]

Trap music eh? This ones for Daniel Ohorodnyk who got TBH a few more likes on our Facebook Page. He asked me to do a special on Jeezy so I did. Now, i used to listen to him about 3 years ago as i was getting into the rap music world. I liked his stuff because at the time i thought rap should be about gangs and crime but i was wrong. However Jeezy has payed his dues in the industry and i still give him the respect that he has now. 
I wanted to base this "TBH On" around his older stuff. For two reasons. One, I have a whole collection of his old stuff on my library. And two, from what i have heard of his recent stuff...it's nothing special. Jeezy is a rapper where his older stuff if his better stuff. Much like Weezy and even T.I. Anyways, this playlist shows his depth and his history. This is personally my favourite tracks by him. I know they have been heard by everyone by now but they are still amazing tracks. If i had to narrow it down to one or two i would go with Bury Me A G and And Then What. I love the collaboration between Mannie Fresh and Jeezy. Sick Music!

Young Jeezy-Bury Me A G

Young Jeezy-And Then What (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Young Jeezy-Go Crazy (feat. Jay-Z) [Remix]

Young Jeezy-Streets On Lock

Young Jeezy-I Luv It

Nelly-5000 Ones (feat. T.I., Diddy, Yung Joc, Willie The Kid, Young Jeezy & Twista)-Jeezy at 3:00

Hope that helped you out Danny. I have plenty more Jeezy on my library so if you need more you come to TBH! Thanks for the likes. Keep em coming!

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