June 03, 2011

Tiesto's Club Life 217: Trance Lovers Listen Up

TBH can and will open the door to many new trance artists and music, but nobody can do it like Tiesto. Every week he drops a 1 hour long mix. I wouldn't call it an essential mix. But a good power mix of new sound. I listen to it every week, and i pick up so many new songs in it (which explains my 2500+ song library). Seriously, start listening to TCL if you're into the trance/club scene. A great way to pick up new shit. Put it on your iPod and have it going in the background. However, this is a good mix of songs. I had it on today so i got a good chance to take a look at what TBH is showing you. Great opening song, good middle mixes and a SICK way to end it!

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