June 26, 2011

Flight Facilities-Crave You (Adventure Club Remix): Just Thriving [Dubstep]

I'm going to try and keep this post short, but after all...it is Adventure Club. I have heard my fair share of remixes. Good and Bad. I have also heard TONS of artists and you can tell the ones who know what they're doing and the ones who don't. Adventure Club knows what the fuck is good. Here they are dropping another remix of a no-name song. I haven't heard the original but i know it probably sounded nothing like this. Needless to say AC has changed the way people look at dub-remixes. Take a good look at this one. I promise you that if you take a look at what AC has to offer, you will love them just as much as i do. Take a look at our previous post and check out what they're all about.

Flight Facilities-Crave You (Adventure Club Remix)

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