June 26, 2011

G-Eazy, Asher Roth, Sublime [Hip-Hop]

ashertoth Asher Roth   Summertime feat. Quan
Good line-up of Hip-Hop. Asher throws a new track featuring Quan which shows a new side of Asher Roth. He seems more chill now, rhyming about important real life shit. Not much to say though about it so give it a listen and see what you think.

Asher Roth-Summertime (feat. Quan)

Alright now G-Eazy is a new name to me but KAM Royal isn't. So when i saw this song i was automatically attracted to KAM which lead me to checking out this track. I love it. I have no clue who G-Eazy is, where he's from or even who he raps with. I certainly like this song for the beat and for the samples in the background. I 100% recommend this song to everyone, even if they aren't too sure about it. Listen to it, it will click.

G-Eazy-Well Known (feat. Kam Royal)

Last but not least. A weird, strange and new type of music to me. Sublime drops a track with Wiz Khalifa. I know, weird as hell. Never would have expected it. I'm not too sure about this song. I mean, its a reggae song no doubt but i just don't know if i'm sold on this duo. I guess the songs not bad, but this was put up more for you guys to check out. I want to know what everyone thinks so leave a comment or shoot us a message!

Sublime-Can You Feel It (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

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